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Would you like to hear the music I listen to while writing the first book in this series? Click on the link and it will carry you right to it.

Abbadon: Book One

What are your plans for this year? Are they to improve your health? Save more money? Buy a new house? Spend more time with your loved ones? All are good choices that’s for sure, but what ever you have planned for 2018 I hope you accomplish your goals.

For my family and I we have planned to do all of the above, and of course I’ve got a few writing goals to boot. Abbadon should see the light of day no later than Halloween, which, in my opinion, is a perfect release date to aspire to. Here’s a blurb for Abbadon:


‘When her daughter goes missing, single-mother, Marcelina (Marcey) Wiloetta Florek thought for sure the police would help find her. Little did she know that the police would never look beyond her and her mother, whom they lived with since Victoria’s birth seven years earlier.

A year later, with her daughter still missing, Marcey has become the neighborhood pariah, not even able to go into the yard due to the scorn of people, who at one time she thought were her friends as well as neighbors. When the anniversary of Vicky’s disappearance comes around Marcey receives a package that contains a picture of her daughter, a stuffed animal, and a letter that reveals clues as to what happened on that fateful day one year ago. Not trusting the police with the material Marcey decides to look elsewhere for help, going to the only friend she has left, Paul, to help her decipher the clues and find her child.

The letter sets Marcey on a path that should lead to her heart’s desire but instead leads her down a dark and twisted trail of blood, sacrifice, and murder.


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