The First Time

How did I become an enthusiast? Maybe it is my love of the unusual. Or maybe since I was a child I’ve sensed and seen things others couldn’t, or maybe it’s a combination. Who knows?  I do know is there are apparitions all around us, no matter where we go; some are connected to this world by the land, some by an inanimate object, and some attach themselves to people.

I have experienced apparitions and demonic beings.

There are some who say, “Oh it’s all in your head,” or “Things like that don’t exist.”  and my all-time favorite, “You’re evil and will burn in Hell!”

Of course, they are entitled to their opinions, but I chuckle while shaking my head at their comments, especially when they bring the Bible into it.

And some do.

Yet if they bothered to pick up their Bibles and turn to Acts 19: 11-15 they would clearly see spirits mentioned there.

When I think back, my earliest memory is from when I was six years old, not long after my parents moved us into a new house. Even though it was recently built, land in the South is rich in Revolutionary, and Civil War history and that spot seemed to vibrate with energy.

Francis Marion – The Swamp Fox led his troops throughout the swamp lands and forests of South Carolina. Charleston was on the front line during the Civil War, and when you add in the Native American tribes who lived here long before any European settlers, the land is imbued with enough strong energy to draw different spirits and entities to it.

We hadn’t lived in the house for long, just a couple of months. The night was like any other night, no storms whose thunder would shake the window panes and no strikes of lightening to flash beams of light across the darkened room.

Page 11 of Legends of Old.

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The Old Charleston Jail

The Old Charleston Jail, located at 21 Magazine St, Charleston, SC, is well known to the locals as being haunted. Some refuse to go near this structure while thrill seekers buy tickets from Bulldog Tours1 for the guided tours. The long history of this jail does give creditability to its many hauntings. Having been used as a prison for over 200 years there was a great deal of suffering that occurred on the grounds and in the cells.

Lavina Fisher is the most well-known. Her tale starts back in 1819 when she and her husband John ran an inn, the “Six Mile House.” 2 A guest by the name of John Peoples stopped at the inn one evening for a rest after traveling all day by horse-drawn wagon from Georgia. He was greeted by the beautiful Lavina who offered him a glass of tea. The tale goes that he accepted the glass but didn’t drink from it. During small talk the couple started asking questions about how much money he carried on him, about his personal valuables, etc. This made Peoples nervous, and he retired to his room early and instead of sleeping in the bed chose to sleep in a chair by the door.

He was awakened in the middle of the night by a strange noise and discovered the bed disappearing into a hole in the floor.  Through the opening enough light shown to allow him to see a gruesome sight. Piles and piles of bones. As you can imagine this terrified the man so out through an open window he went, jumped on a horse, before riding off into the night.

He made his way to the Charleston Sheriff’s office where he told the authorities about his horrifying experience. The sheriff and a group of deputized citizens rushed to the inn where they conducted a thorough search of the house. A bone pit was discovered where Peoples said it would be located, right under the room he’d stayed in. The tea was discovered to contain an herb that would have sent Peoples into a deep sleep for hours.

Page 72 of Legends of Old.

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*This is a sample from one of the short stories included in the bonus section in Legends of Old.

*An Interview
“Deep shadows from her high cheekbones jutting out of her pale skin matched her dark hair that fell across her face, hiding eyes that hadn’t shined with radiance in a long time. I watched her, sitting on the edge of the tub, waiting for Depression to take her further into the dark abyss. There wasn’t any rush. In fact, if done quickly it might not take, and I couldn’t have that.” The Creature said. Her voice feels like silk, each word caresses my ears, causing my skin to tingle; from fear or anticipation I cannot say.

“How long had you been with her?” I ask, my voice trembles, betraying my fear. She looks at me right into my soul.

“How long? Ah yes, you humans are always concerned about time. How many minutes it takes to do each, little, insignificant, boring thing that you do in life. You seem incapable of just appreciating, savoring each moment of life. . . and death. To me time has no meaning, not like it does for you. You ask how long I had been with her when really you should ask how well I knew her.” The Creature’s eyes dance with amusement and I can’t help but think there’s a hidden joke somewhere in there. I make a note to ponder it later when I play the tape back, looking for the best tidbits to put in the article. Right now I need to keep her talking, telling me how she does it, how she works her magick and seduces her prey.

“Okay, how well did you know her?”

She moves her head, sneering at the other creatures sitting in the dark corner on a worn sofa before looking back at me. Her contempt laden reply gives me cause to hope that I am never the object she looks upon with such disdain. “How well do you know your loved ones? How well do my co-workers theirs? I knew her as well as you know yourself. Every breath, every beat of her heart, and every thought in her mind, I knew better than she herself did.

Page 110 of Legends of Old.

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